im so torn when it comes to drawing starfire’s body type because like on one hand there’s buff goddess/muscle ladies but then on the other petite powerhouses that way 100lbs but can casually pick up a car????? how does one choose?????

Anonymous asked:

For how long were you working on that Beast Boy piece? I remember you posted a preview of it months ago.

Um, theee preview/WIP I posted was like a days work and I shared it and then put it away because I had commissions to do and felt bad about not working on them first. After I finished those…….I think the total time I spent on it was like 3 weeks? @_@ Waaay longer than I would have liked but my fault cuz I changed the composition midway to fit tumblr dimensions better -which was stupid of me, don’t do that. Just don’t. *grumbles under breath: dumb tumblr ruins landscape composition*

Also I am just a horrifically slow painter :/ 

I woke up and had so many cute comments on my selfie yesterday!!! You guys made me feel so nice!! ;a; ❤❤❤



blacksirensolo replied to your photoset “I coloured my hair dark green today and now I feel like a mermaid…”

WHOA THERE, HOTTY MAPLE MAMA. :I Hair looks FANTASTIC AHH! Also - have I really know you long enough that your hair has grown that much? Dangg FRIENDSHIP<3….is that a silhouetted figure throwing a hadouken on your shelf? Lmao

PFFT. <3

+_+ haha yeaah, hair grows like a weed - and now it’s got the colour to match. Maaan, this friendship is almost as ancient as u r. 8I

lol its a bookend.